Over The Next Decades Lung Cancer And COPD Cases Will Be On The Rise

By , September 7th, 2013 | Health | 1 Comment

(The Almagest) A new European Respiratory Society report says that the casa of deaths due to COPD and lung cancer are going to rise in the next few decades. The report provides burden, cost and risk information about respiratory diseases based upon the data provided by latest research.

Each year Europe spends approximately 390 billion Euros on lung conditions. The four respiratory diseases; lung cancer, COPD, lower respiratory tract infections and tuberculosis; accounts for one in six deaths worldwide.

Smoking and respiratory infections are the major burden of lung diseases. The researchers conducting the study noted that many of the respiratory conditions included in the study could be prevented, the most preventable cause being smoking.

Prof. Blasi, one of the researchers say, “Both the prevention and treatment of lung diseases will need to be improved if their impact on longevity, quality of life of individuals and economic burden on society are to be reduced in Europe and worldwide.”

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