Scientists Developing Contact Lens That Can Give Infrared Vision

By , March 20th, 2014 | Science | 0 Comments

In near future you don’t need to buy infrared glasses for night vision. It is learned researchers are coming up with smart contact lens that can perform the same work to the wearer.

Researchers today unveiled plans for such lens and said that by sandwiching graphene inside it can build a sensor that will be capable of capturing everything from visible light to infrared.

It is learned the researchers have so far built a prototype smaller than a fingernail, but with the potentiality that the soldiers may need it in the dark while helping others.

According to Zhaohui Zhong from the University of Michigan, the layered approach of the team in the contact lens can lead to ultrathin sensors. He adds further that the “smaller than a pinky nail” device will take advantage of graphene’s supersensor properties.

Graphene is developed from single layer of carbon atoms and is bonded together in a repeating pattern of hexagons. It is very very thinner than a paper, at least one million times, and its flat honeycomb pattern allows it several unusual characteristics.

The new finding is published in the Nature Nanotechnology journal and the team of researchers says graphene is very promising material for ultra-broadbond photodetectors.

Scientists believe the discovery will be more useful to the military and science.

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