Scientists say that alcohol and depression have no links

By , September 14th, 2013 | Health | 0 Comments

Many people believe that drinking causes depression, but a new study has busted the myth. The study involved 3873 elderly men and took over 3 years to be completed. According to the study whatever association that is made between drinking and depression can be explained by other factors but alcohol is not responsible for it. The research was led by Professor Osvaldo Almeida from the school of psychiatry of University of Western Australia.

“We found (as expected) that this particular genetic variant was associated with reduced alcohol use, but it had no association with depression whatsoever,” Osvaldo Almeida said. “The conclusion is that alcohol use neither causes nor prevents depression in older men. Our results also debunk the view that mild to moderate alcohol consumption may reduce the risk of depression.”

However he also said that alcohol does have adverse affect on health and it is better to avoid drinking too much.

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