Self-Confidence, Ambitious People Live Longer, Healthier: Study

By , February 5th, 2014 | Health | 0 Comments

A new study conducted by the Brandeis University and the University of Rochester suggest people with high self-confidence and believes of achieving high goals despite hardships tend to live longer live and healthier live. The effect is found to be more among those who have less of education.

In an earlier study the finding was different. It said people having high school diploma or else having less of education are more likely to die younger compared to the college degree holder or those who have graduate training. Well, now it is said this is not a hard and fast rule. There are reasons to this too.

In the new study, supported by the National Institute on Aging, it is said those people who are less educated and have good control in life has mortality rate lower by three times compared to those who have lower sense of control.

The researchers support their findings by saying that high sense of control in human beings seemed negating the mortality risks of lower education.

Minnie and Harold Fierman Professor of Psychology, Margie Lachman, said good control of life deletes the educational differences in terms of mortality and such people is also indistinguishable from those who are educated.

The study was published in Health Psychology journal’s website. Lachman is one of the authors of the study. Other authors include Frank Infurna of the German Institute for Economic Research, Nicolas Turiano and Benjamin Chapman of the University of Rochester Medical Center and Stefan Agrigoroaei of Brandeis. They used data of more than 6,000 people from a national survey from Midlife in the United States (MIDUS).

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