US Researchers Develop After-Sex Vaginal Gel To Prevent HIV Infection

By , March 13th, 2014 | Health | 3 Comments

Recent tests have resulted in an immense breakthrough in the medical world, it seems as if they’ve developed a gel that can protect women from HIV; even hours after they actually conducted the act of sex. This is something that everybody can benefit from, because the less amount of people getting infected means less of the virus getting spread around. It also means that women can be protected from HIV even after they’ve had sex, of course safe sex is still applicable.

Dr. Walid Heinene of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta used the gel in a test with monkeys, which yielded results that were unheard of. The gel contains a human immunodeficiency virus drug reintegration (in other words, it’s a medicine that’s treat the virus known as HIV). The gel was used on the monkeys, they had applied the gel before the monkeys were infected vaginally with the virus, but the medicine had still shown it’s healing powers hours after the sexual activity had already happened.

If this gel has any sort of the same impacts on humans as it did the monkeys, we could be in for a wild ride when it comes to new medical advances. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so what else can we expect next? The HIV virus is the one that causes AIDS, a deadly and ferocious virus that claims more than enough lives every single year. This is another step towards not only the preservation of mankind, but the preservation of safety in our daily lives. The virus can be transmitted through blood, semen, or even breast milk if the situation applies for it. Of course nobody can be completely sure if the gel is going to work on humans, as they haven gone as far as holding human trials for the supplement at this time. Hopefully we can move along the journey of medical testing and figure out a way to make it so humans can use this gel whenever the need to, it would really be a god send to those who find themselves hovering around the night scene. There’s nothing wrong with naturally exploring each others bodies, but there is most definitely something sinister going on with HIV and the AIDS viruses.

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